Why should businesses create websites?

Why should you have a website? Did you know that when online users cannot find your website, they will underestimate your brand? Your competitors also own websites to do online business. 97% of users today have the habit of finding out all information via the Internet.

Without a website, businesses will not be able to keep up with the times, will have difficulty competing with competitors, and will have difficulty reaching customers. Join Mona Media to find out why you should have a website to support your business in more detail in the content below!

Website helps build a brand for a business

User habits are gradually changing, they are more interested in searching for business information on the internet. Owning a website and appearing at the top of search browsers will help businesses increase brand recognition and promote their reputation better. The business’s brand will be promoted 24/6/365 days on the internet and known to both domestic and international users.

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Through your website, customers will know who you are and what products/services you are providing. Especially through the arrangement of categories and content on the website, the way of sharing information, images… customers will increase sympathy, evaluate the reputation and affirm the brand quality of the business.

Website attracts potential customers and increases conversions

Website is not simply a place to provide information and products. Businesses can use modern advertising techniques and customer research software to find potential customers. People who are in need of shopping and are introduced to the right product/service they need will have a better chance of converting.

Increase customer reach

For physical stores, you only provide products/services to customers during business hours. But with a website , you will provide products/services to customers 24/7. Limits of space, time and geographical location seem to shorten so customers can make purchases at any time they want.

The number of customers of the business will increase exponentially, expanding from the provinces and cities to the whole country and to many different countries.

Businesses can implement strong SEO strategies by researching keywords and target customers to improve the visibility of their website on search engines. Along with that are social sharing buttons, call-to-action CTAs , activating automatic chat features…

Make sure that when implementing many of these techniques on the website, businesses will increase their ability to reach the most perfect customers.

Easy to get customer opinions

Most websites today integrate online chat features and collect opinions from customers through comments and registration/review forms on the website. By collecting customer opinions on this website, businesses will easily respond to all information to customers promptly to best care for and answer customer questions.

Especially from there, businesses will improve their service quality better and better.

Increase interactivity

Shopping and searching for information on the website will help customers save travel time . Just thinking about your brand, they can use computers and phones to quickly query and immediately get results through the internet and website. Buying a product while thinking about it and needing it often helps users make quick purchasing decisions. This interaction will especially increase when users share that information on their social networking sites.

Interaction will increase more and more and increase the opportunity to recognize and spread the brand for businesses.

Increase conversions for businesses

Product information and product images accessed on the website always bring high attraction and increase conversion ability. Especially when you add CTAs with the messages “buy now”, “register”, “add to cart”… will stimulate buyers to convert their shopping actions better.

Website helps automatic sales anytime, anywhere

Website is present on the Internet 24/7, no matter where customers are, at any time frame, they can access your address. Users can easily research products and make flexible purchases during busy working hours, resting, or even while cooking or bathing. This is the advantage that physical stores can never provide to customers. Dozens of competitors are selling through websites. If you don’t build a website early, you will lose right from the starting line!

When using professional websites, integrating many modern features such as adding to cart, paying bills, tracking bills of lading… businesses can sell automatically anytime, anywhere. Controlling orders and cash flow is also easy on the modern website system.

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Website helps provide information quickly

Information through advertising on social networking sites, newspapers, and TV is limited. Businesses cannot share full images and prices or detailed product information. However, through the website, businesses can provide all of their information from A to Z.

Especially with good website optimization, fast connection speed, and scientific interface design, when users query, your website results will be returned quickly.

Quick access to information sources for customers is the way for you to win customers’ trust and confidence as a premise for faster shopping conversion. Not only does it provide quick information to customers, but businesses can also get information from customers through customers registering information on their website system.

From this source of information will help businesses connect well with customers and easily send their advertising information to increase access and shopping conversion.

Having a website makes recruiting easy

On each website, there is an additional category ” Recruitment “. All business recruitment information can be posted in detail in this category. In particular, businesses can add forms and online submission features. Businesses will easily manage all business issues of their company on a professional and flexible website.

Through the website, managers not only clearly understand information about customers, revenue and order status but also easily recruit employees and manage human resources. It can be said that owning a website will help managers control and operate their businesses more flexibly and professionally. pulvinar dapibus leo.

The website is the focal point of every Marketing strategy

Modern websites always integrate many features to keep up with the digital technology era and consumer shopping habits. Your website will be integrated with email, Facebook, Instagram, Zalo integration , etc. Users can use social network features to share your advertising content and useful content to spread the effect quickly. quickly.

Businesses can also use customer access and forms on the website to receive information registration from potential customers. Especially when researching the market and understanding your target customers, you can research media content with language appropriate to the customers you want to target to increase conversion.

If the website optimizes UX/UI and on-page SEO well, it will also be at the top of Google, helping to recognize the brand, spread media advertising and gain higher trust from customers.

In addition, when a business owns a professional website, it also receives other benefits. Such as:

  • Provide all authenticated information about the business and its achievements and physical address to increase credibility with customers.
  • Develop automatic software to send information to potential customers via social network links, emails or website membership registration.
  • Doing business on the website will save a lot of money on printing invoices, stationery costs and other maintenance fees as well as reducing staff salaries…

Creating a website is simpler and less expensive than you think

You will optimize communication and brand promotion costs when you own a website.

To own a website, businesses will need web design and web coding by a professional IT team. However, they don’t cost as much as you think! Currently, there are many tools to create websites and many units provide free websites. Depending on the scale of business operations, you can choose cheap website design, free website design or web apps with special features.

Promoting products and brands through websites is much more economical than other forms of communication. In particular, the website is the brand’s professional presence in the internet world to compete with other competitors as well as provide useful information/products/services to customers.

Creating a website is much simpler and less expensive than you think. If you want to know about website design costs and information related to the website, you can contact Mona Media directly via HOTLINE 1900 636 648 . We have more than 10+ years of web design experience , own a website design and construction team with more than 200 employees who will support you in owning a website for your business at the best price on the market today!

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